Monday, January 9, 2012

Top 10 New Diet Tips 2011-2012 To Guarantee Weight Loss

Follow these hot 10 tips and be impressed by how much weight you will lose!
Tip 1) Chocolate Not Cake
If you really crave chocolate then don't suffer. It's better to eat when you have cravings but in a controlled way. It's better to eat a chocolate bar as cakes have much more calories.
Tip 2) Sleep Plenty
Ensuring you get enough sleep has been proven to help you lose weight. Adults should be getting ideally 8 hours a night but at the very least 6 hours.
Tip 3) Drink 2 Litres a Day
This is a really good habit to get into. It is also essential if you are exercising. Drink 2 litres, or 8 glasses of water every day. But a 2 litre water bottle and fill it up each day so you can monitor how much you are drinking.
Tip 4) Weight Training
Cardio exercise is great for burning calories. However its better to start with weight training as muscle burns more calories in the body than anything else. So if you can increase in muscle then you will be burning 100s more calories when you exercise.
Tip 5) 6 Small Meals
It is good for your metabolism to eat regularly. So don't have 3 big meals a day. Instead have 6 small ones. Just make sure they are small!
Tip 6) Positive Thinking
Thinking positive will make you feel better and more motivated about dieting. Focus on your goal to make sure you suceed and reach it.
Tip 7) Eat After Exercise
Exercising on an empty diet is a great way to burn of stored fat in the body. exercising also decreases appetite (if you work hard enough) so you will end up eating less.
Tip 8) Chose a Diet Plan That Is Permanent
When you sign up to a professional diet program make sure it is one that is designed to be permanent. Crash are hard to keep up and you are also much more likely to put weight on again if you lose any. So make sure you search for 'PERMANENT diet plans'
Tip 9) Get Support
It has been proven that you are much more likely to succeed if you have support. If your diet plan has a forum then use it. Talk to others on the same diet and get the encouragement you need.
Tip 10) Professional Diet Plan
Chose the professional diet plan that is right for you and catches your eye. They really are the best way to lose weight. So don't wait around anymore. Get serious about losing weight and sign up to a program that is right for you.
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