Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Follow the Girl Guide Motto BE PREPARED!!!

I have just had a particularly busy week between work and the children and I have suffered for it by not being prepared. I have been feeling sluggish for the past couple of days and my energy levels are low and as for resistance lets just say that the Borg Hive has been in my head the last couple of days "Resistance is Futile!!".

We all fall off the wagon sometimes and this week I am one of the fallen. But I am back on track today. Last night I sat down and thought back over what triggers there had been during the week that had me eating a chunky caramel kit kat and half a box of turkish delight about an hour after my evening meal? Yes that's right all after my evening meal!! And the worst of it is that was just last night! I have done something similar the past three nights.

Quite simply - I have been unprepared! It sounds so cliched but it is true. I did not shop in advance this week and I did not prepare or plan what meals that myself and the children were having. As a result I have not had homemade soup ready to have at lunchtime or when I come home from work. I have also not filled up on fruit and veg. My first consideration is normally what veg I am having with my meals. I really struggled this week as I did not have a great selection. Even although you are on a diet or a weight loss plan your food should NEVER BE BORING! There is such a ripe selection of great fruit and veg out there that help make a really satisfying tasty meal. It goes without saying of course that herbs and spices are great cooking accessories and should be used as much as possible in your cooking. They have medicinal qualities as well as helping food taste better. Garlic for circulation, tumeric to help prevent the formation of fatty tissue, etc etc. But this is for another blog!

So what happened this week when my diet lacked its usual choice of fruit and veg? I found myself standing staring into the cupboards or the fridge looking for something TASTY....because I had been bored by my meals so I snacked with gusto!

But it is not all a disaster I have been able to recognise very quickly where I have strayed off my plan so tonight I have sat down and written a food diary in advance of the meals that I am going to make for the next week.

I have listed all the veg and the fruit that I will need to help bulk out my meals and for my snacks. And I will be making soup as soon as I come home tomorrow. I plan to make a quick carrot and butterbean soup that will only take half an hour and it will be ready.

Quick Carrott and Butterbean soup

No need to measure or weigh -
3 or 4 carrots chopped
1 onion chopped
2 cloves garlic (crushed)
1 tin of butterbeans in water (drained)
1 chicken stock cube

put the chopped carrots and onions and garlic in a pan with the seasoning add enough water to just cover the veg by about a cm. bring to boil cover reduce heat and simmer for 25mins. then add the butterbeans for five minutes. take off heat and leave to stand for a few minutes then blitz with blender and there you go!

And Remember BE PREPARED.

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  1. Exactly !
    Like most things in life Preparation is 90% of Success.