Monday, February 27, 2012

"With A Little Help From You're Friends..."

Or " You need Friends..." never truer words said or should I say sang. To achieve yours goal whether it is weight loss or anything in life you need Motivation! If you are not motivated you can easily slip by the wayside. One way to help keep you motivated is ... you've got!  Friends!

Now Friends can come in all different shapes and sizes, but you are looking to find support from those who are on the same journey as yourself or who have been on the journey. Slimming Groups such as "Weight Watchers" or "Slimming world" are great for support. The classes will help you with nutritional and dietry advice but most important it is the support from the other members. You can share you're experiences and swap recipes or tips. Indeed as I understand that is how Weight Watchers was started. The founding member started with a group of her friends that regularly met for coffee mornings. They wished to lose weight and it started with them cutting out the biscuits they had with their coffees.....but they were there supporting each other along the way.  Although I reached my goal some 6 years ago now I still need support and help to stay motivated. One of the main reasons for my blog. If I can help others it will keep me motivated.

Personally I have been a member of different slimming groups over the years and I would say that I was successful with most of them. The ones where I was not successful .... I didn't have the motivation to be disciplined. That was in no way a reflection of the classes, but I was not very aware of my saboteurs. You know who they are those people in your life that despite wanting to support you can't help but sabotage your efforts. My Gran was one of my worst. She loved me heart and soul but SHE BAKED!!!! I saw her nearly every day in life while she was with us and every day I would be offered a scone or cake or biscuits or just Food in general. She would press and press " Go on just one wee one!" until I would cave, she always had this expression on her face when I said "No" that looked as if I had majorly offended her... so I would eat! No sooner was the scone or cake in my mouth then she would say " Ooh but you shouldn't really be eating that should you!" thus leading to feelings of guilt , in turn thoughts of okay well " I may as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb" In short... viscous cycle!!!

So how did I break this? With support from a great class I joined. Indeed it was "Weight Watchers" that time and I learned how to be able to say "No" to my gran's baking but I asked her to prepare a healthy alternative for me and of course she was delighted to do so. She just really wanted to do something for me. She was never happier than when she was feeding people and caring for them.

As I have said I have been a member of different groups over the years and the reason for that is for another blog - But what the groups have in common is the support of the members. Now in today's austere times most of us cannot afford to pay out weekly for classes, but that is the beauty of Social Media it can bring like minded people together and people can have access to many different groups all there to lend a supporting hand.

So if you need a little help...... "Ill be there!...".


  1. Absolutely spot on ! I'm sure many of us have someone like your Gran in their lives. Benign Saboteurs! They're the hardest ones to deal with, aren't they ? But that was a great tip ! Get them to cook something for you that suits your regime. It keeps you on track and satisfies the Benign Saboteur's need to care for someone.

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